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Determining A Floral Budget

The "B" word.... 

Figuring out the floral budget for your wedding or event is easily one of the most difficult things to determine. After all, it's a pretty momentous occasion that doesn't happen every day!

As with all the gorgeous flowers delivered for each special event, ensuring picture-perfect petals, the attention to detail from logistics of sourcing, collecting, conditioning, storing, and time spent crafting from concept to finished design is what sets Twillery apart in all aspects of professional service. We work with you in aligning each floral quote to the individual event, with every detail taken into account to provide beautifully and lovingly designed flowers to grace your special day.

Other than the flowers themselves, when determining an overall budget, your considerations to bring the floral vision to life should include;

  • Delivery,
  • Set up, and pack down (if required)
  • Hire items (& security bonds)
  • Flexibility of colour and flower/foliage varieties
  • Decorative Finishes to personal flowers
  • Quantity and size of floral requirements
  • And of course, seasonal availability of fresh materials.


Twillery's average Wedding Order starting point for;

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet 
  • 3 Maids Bouquet
  • 1 Groom Boutonniere
  • 3 Groomsmen Boutonniere
  • 2 Mothers Shoulder Corsages
  • 2 Fathers Boutonniere
  • Bridal Table Floral Feature
  • 10 Small-Medium Centerpieces & Vase Hire
  • 2 Delivery locations (bridal party & reception)
  • 1 Standard Reception Set-Up

Pre-Designed Packages  ~ $1,900 +/-        Custom Crafted ~ $2,500 +           


Weddings & events come in all shapes and sizes, and while Twillery does not have an overall booking minimum, a minimum for each design piece is outlined in our price guide. This is to ensure every beautifully and professionally made arrangement, be it custom crafted or pre-designed meets both client expectations and the high standards of quality synonymous with Twillery's floral style and craftsmanship.


Here are two great links that may assist in determining a perfect budget for your next big event.
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