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A little about me

Hi there! I’m Karen, principal florist, business operator, cat lover, lolly addict, and petal perfectionist.

From the very beginning, I've always loved flowers. At the tender age of seven I was given my very own garden to grow what I chose. While my siblings all planted vegetables, I started my first flower garden, unknowingly living by Monet's words "I must have flowers, always and always!".

So, circa 2013, following graduating in the accredited qualification of floristry, a garage was cleaned out, a floral fridge moved in and Twillery was born!

Many years and many weddings later, the garage has been replaced with a dedicated studio where I curate dreams of detailed floral design, meet happy in-love couples for friendly floral chats, and admittedly spend way too much time listening to Spotify and downing gallons of coffee (as much in my veins as floristry).

Studying under internationally and nationally recognized leaders of the floral industry, and winning 3rd place of ABIA's 2018 WA floral design awards my passion for petals continually blooms each year.

I’m a typical Virgo in organisation, with back up plans of back up plans because I do everything possible to ensure a plan comes together ( A Team fans rejoice!) and my favourite flower is the dianthus…expect to see these when you book your blooms with Twillery…I love LOVE those frilly petals!

I adore pasta (maybe too much) and all things Italian. My all-time favourite song is Hall & Oats “I can’t go for that” …. nooooo no can do…. and I'm a repeat offender of The Princess Bride quotes. I’ve dual citizenship of Australia & France (but limited to only being able to profess my hunger, general cheekiness & ‘stop that’ in the latter) & my feline companion Lillian has been equal parts family and flower foe for the past 19 years. I'm a little crazy at Christmas with the tinsel, the lights, the carols, the manger, the star and the tree. Oh and I talk a lot…like a lot a lot, but when it’s time to eat you can hear a pin drop.

I love what I do, and I love being able to do what I do for you, the lovers of true romance & beautiful blooms!
I’m so looking forward to hearing from you and making your dream day flowers a reality for you and your beloved.
Karen x

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