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Pricing Tips for Wedding Flowers

Why Flowers Cost What They Do

Understanding why answering the question ‘How much do wedding flowers cost’ isn’t a one-word answer.
Many factors influence the final price tag, and understanding them will empower you to make wise choices.

Here are a few thing to know to help you along your floral journey:


Exactly like the fresh produce at your local farmers market, flowers bloom & disappear with the seasons. Seasonal flowers are typically more readily available and affordable. Giving us creative reign to focus on what’s in season at the time of your wedding can provide you with significantly more value without compromising on beauty. We've included our a page dedication to our Favourite Seasonal Flowers to help you out in your research so don't forget to check it out!

Floral Features

You've seen the meme 'My Pinterest Wedding VS. my Actual Wedding'? It’s easy to get carried away with a long wish list for your big day blooms. Allow your budget to be a deciding factor in your wedding flowers and embrace the mantra of ‘less but better’. Use our Custom Design Calculator to narrow down the wishlist so you can create 1 or 2 ‘wow’ moments for the day rather than spreading your budaget across 20 different pieces.


Feature designs such as floral archways, hanging installations and flower walls require a lot of time and energy in the set-up and installation. To complicate things more, venues have specific requirements in terms of logistics and timing that us florists must adhere to. It's a really good idea to check with your venue what vendor bump-in and bump-out conditions are, so you can plan your floral decor accordingly 


A misconception about wedding flowers we hear ALOT is a ‘tax’ is added as soon as we hear the word wedding. The truth is, one of the biggest drivers of the premium price of wedding blooms is the quality & origin of flowers used in the designs. Those styled shoots and viral photos of celebrity weddings in your social media feeds, feature premium flowers like toffee roses, phaleonopsis orchids, peonies, sweat pea and butterfly ranunculus. These flowers cost 5-10 times more than your typical rose or spray carnation. It’s kinda like buying the Dom Pérignon Vintage instead of opting for the Grant Burge Champagne!


The reason wedding flowers are so memorable is because of the abundance of flowers. Typically a wedding bouquet includes 30-40 stems. Your average $100 gift bouquet only includes 10-15 stems. That stem count is part of the reason wedding flowers are so memorable. How often is it that you'll walk down the street with 30-40 premium flowers, designed to perfection within your hands? 

Special Holidays

Throughout the year, there are certain date periods where the entire world is seeking the same time. Valentines Day, for example, where worldwide demand vs the actual supply available means prices for flowers (and not just red roses) almost doubles, not just for that week, but the one prior AND following.
Other premium times when the price for event flowers are affected include Mother's Day, and Christmas & New Years period. 

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