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What's Your Flower Style?

Know Your Bouquet Aesthetic

With so many different names for wedding design styles floating around on the internet it can be a little confusing to know if
definition of style matches that of your selected wedding professional.

To make life a little easier, we’ve created a ‘Bouquet Style’ ‘Pictionary to ensure we’re speaking your language.

Garden Gorgeousness

Loose Organic styles reflecting the natural movement and beauty of Secret Gardens - Rambling with delicate petals scattered through surprise vistas of sweeping seasonal varieties, lush foliage’s and delicate furling vines. Wide, wonderous & whimsical

English Cottage

Relaxed semi-formal designs with natural gatherings of English-style roses, dainty wildflowers and spring-like delights evoking visions of textured cottage gardens. One of our favourite styles & the aesthetic of which you’ll find within our A-la-Carte Selections

Modern Minimalism

Opulent lines & silhouettes defying natural boundaries in architectural shapes celebrating individuality in eye-catching design. Architectually tiered, reflexed petals, or single variety en masse creating a focal impact  of modern beauty.

Bohemian Beauty

Muted neutrals or earthen-hued palates curated in feature highlights of soft focal blooms amongst the natural filigree textures of grasses, preserved elements and delicate dried accents that naturally evoke a free-flowing and unrestrained wildness.

Eclectic Whimsy

A multitude of visual and tactile floral forms to surprise and delight the inner artist. It’s all about unexpected colours, surprising textures & glorious dimensions. This is our go-to Signature style whenever favourite couples entrust us with full creative design

Tailored Elegance

Polished symmetry in formal forms of floral designs showcasing seamless grace reminiscent of royal gala. Flower dense symmetrical designs, typically with little transition between colours and highlighted accents of metallics and clean lines

Colour Romantic

Defying natural boundaries and rules to celebrate individuality in eye-catching design. Bold blooms, high contrast, medly of textures & vibrant palettes to bring maximum impact and a burst of joyful colour!

Let us know YOUR flower style.

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